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Fix My Bylaws book update

I’m really excited to say that finally finally finally, the workbook that goes with my process for writing or rewriting the bylaws of your nonprofit organization is nearing completion.

I’ve had one round with the editor and preparing for the next one.
Layout is figured out but can’t be complete obviously until the writing is done.
And progress is being made!

Whoopee.. it’s like birthing a baby. So much preparation for such a big unknown.

The Imaginary Organization for the Illustration of Bylaws Problems

I thought I’d invent an organization to illustrate some problems I come across working with organizations and their bylaws. That way I’m not giving away any trade secrets or breaking any confidences. I also don’t have to explain anything about the organization.
So please understand, just like in fiction and the movies, the stories of the imaginary nonprofit Organization for the Illustration of Bylaws Problems (OIPB) are based on fact, but any resemblance to real organizations is purely coincidental.