Are your board members in good standing?

Like many new groups, the imaginary nonprofit Organization for the Illustration of Bylaws Problems (OIPB) started out writing their original document in a hurry so they could incorporate. They figured that after the settling of the initial whirlwind of activity they “go back and change them later.” One member of the original team believed that just saying: “The board can do what ever it should to run the organization” would be good enough to get going.

But like most groups the board of the OIPB thought bylaws were complicated and boring and no one ever wanted to look at them again.

Then — (cue up scary music here) —
Two years later when there was a board member who had to be removed, there was no real guidance in the bylaws. One easy way should have been to remove the person for not paying dues. That would have made the whole thing a lot less messy.

But the bylaws didn’t say that board members had to be members in good standing (or up to date with dues).  They only said a board member could be removed by a vote after a fair hearing. So the OIPB board had to go thru the time consuming process of figuring out cause and documenting all that. They wasted so much time and energy and angst figuring out how to proceed.

How clear are your instructions for removing a board member? If you can’t understand what the rules say, you need to work on your bylaws.

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