Bylaws are just like the rules in a game

monopolyIf you can’t understand the rules
you surely can’t play the game.

Bylaws are just like that.

 Your bylaws tell you:

  • who is in charge of what
  • what the members get and
  • what the people in charge have to do to keep the organization running smoothly.

The more people who understand what’s in your nonprofit bylaws, the smoother your organization will run.

Fix My Bylaws, the website, is the place to find answers to your questions about what belongs in the bylaws and how to figure out the answers to common questions about bylaws for non profit organizations.

Fix My Bylaws, the e-book, is a workbook of plain English questions that will help you write or rewrite your bylaws painlessly, but more importantly, in a way that will get you a document your organization can use to efficiently guide the future. It’s an ebook,  so you print a copy for yourself and one for everybody else on your team.  I’m not worried about stealing.  How many people do you know who are working on nonprofit bylaws at the same time?

Fix My Bylaws is intended as a step-by-step guide to spark thinking among people in your nonprofit organization who are working to write or rewrite the bylaws. It’s formatted with plenty of room in the margins. Use that space to make notes or reminders to yourself. Jot down notes or questions to be discussed later.

PS: You don’t have to be a lawyer to write bylaws.

  1. Fix My Bylaws covers all the points you need to consider to build bylaws for your nonprofit organization
  2. Fix My Bylaws helps you manage the process so you can tell how much of the process is done and how much is still left
  3. Fix My Bylaws makes the process the most efficient. It’s more straight forward than mucking around in a template trying to figure out if everything you need is covered.
  4. And most important of all, Fix My Bylaws will make you look smart!

Got questions? Use the contact form. Use the comment for at the bottom of a post. I read all of that stuff myself. And I want to help!